These are small, brief biographies of major and minor characters in Name of the King. These were written to be as spoiler-free as possible, so treading lightly isn’t necessary. 

Unsure on how to pronounce a name? Take a wander over to the Pronunciation Guide.

For ease, characters are listed under the monarchy that they have lived the majority of their life in.

Name of the King begins in the fall, on Corlen 7th, 774. All ages are based off of this date.

Main Characters (in order of appearance)

All Characters (in alphabetical order)

Amone Feras – Female cougar. The queen of Croon.

Carcella’s Restaurant Staff – Short biographies for each of Ireen’s co-workers.

Gren – Male coyote therio. Carcella’s husband.

Tepen Ranco – Male griffin. Former king of Pemembras.

Ravieka РThe deity of the dominant religion in Themble. Generally portrayed as different animals with their eyes closed and two runes on the forehead and neck.