Name: Amone Feras

Occupation: Queen of Croon

Specie: Cougar

Height: 2′ 7″

Born: Balmoon 5th, 728 (46 years old)

Magical Abilities: Pyrokinetic. Can create a small amount of fire within fifteen feet of her and keep it aflame for several minutes to a half hour depending on the size.

Likes: Prime rib, jewelry, an excellent view

Dislikes: Death, the color green, and long diatribes (unless she is the one speaking)

Has Always Wanted To: Make her mother proud

Amone Feras is the queen of Croon. Vain and clever, Amone has served as queen for more than two decades and is proud of her thriving monarchy. She is excellent at charming those who stand in her way and threatening the rest. Amone does not trust the Black King whatsoever, and has quietly and slowly been gathering intelligence to use against him. He may have conquered Maithas, Pemembras, and Bevenkras, but he shall not have her monarchy.