Name: Antona

Occupation: Basketweaver

Specie: Human

Height: 5’8″

Born: Borlen 25th, 730 (age 44)

Magical Abilities: Photokinetic. Can create small balls of light for short periods of time

Likes: Children, tart blackberries, relaxing in the warm sun

Dislikes: Wildfires, the smell of roses, snoring

Has Always Wanted To: Travel to Croon

Antona is the mother of Suebin, Ireen, Neto, and Luca and the loving wife of Sejon. A basketweaver by trade, Antona often can be seen weaving with several of her friends and fellow weavers in a workshop nestled in the trade avenues. She finds it exhausting to gossip all day and loves the solitude she gets just before her family busts through the door.

Keeping up with her family (especially Luca and Suebin) has given Antona more than a few grey hairs, but Antona absolutely adores her family. She has known her husband Sejon since they were both children, when he first moved to Themble from Darid. They are best friends, and are still close at the hip, even after twenty-three years of marriage. Antona and Sejon are both generous with what little they have. Even though Antona isn’t a great cook (something Ireen thankfully didn’t inherit), she will still attempt to feed everyone who walks through her door.

Antona has lived her entire life in Borrel, and she’s quite content with that. However, sometimes she does dream of visiting Croon, to see the miles upon miles of orchards she has heard so much about. Do the oranges taste sweeter there?

Antona loves Pemembras and has found it difficult to adapt to the Black King’s rulership.