Name: Burdell

Occupation: Black King’s Secretary

Specie: Cupidine

Height: 6’2″

Born: Caeroon 29th, 724 (age 50)

Magical Abilities: Telepathy and weak thermokinesis. Can change the temperature in a 20 foot radius by a several degrees.

Likes: Following rules, making rules, making sure everyone else follows the rules. Or at least that is what everyone thinks. While she does love rules, Burdell also adores warm scarves, imported teas, and beaches.

Dislikes: Disorganization, loud children, greasy surfaces.

Has Always Wanted To: Bring back the dead

The Black King’s loyal secretary, the cold and aloof Burdell makes the Black King seem reasonable and kind. Intent on making everyone’s life utterly miserable, Burdell strikes a bizarre combination of wanting the Black King to succeed in everything in the most efficient manner and desiring to stir up the most drama possible. Bitter, cold-hearted, and a stickler for the rules, Burdell runs a tight ship, and any paperwork she needs will be turned in properly, do you understand? There is nothing worse in the world than Burdell’s self-satisfied smug grin, because it surely means that someone somewhere has screwed up. Everyone must have a use, or they are worthless, and she will have no problem telling the Black King that. Efficient to a nearly ridiculous degree, Burdell is happily friendless and perfectly content making the best schedules and nit-picking everyone’s spelling. There is nothing sweeter to her than everyone else’s misery.