Name: Carcella

Specie: Coyote Therio

Height: 5’11”

Born: Caeroon 9th, 732 (age 42)

Magical Abilities: Teleportation. Can transfer objects about the size and weight of an apple about fifteen feet to and from her. She’s not very good at it…

Likes: Rib-sticking food, raunchy jokes, and the smell of the sea

Dislikes: Idiots, entitled brats, children

Has Always Wanted To: Have the most successful restaurant in Borrel

Carcella is the owner of Carcella’s, a restaurant in Borrel, and is hard-working and terribly stubborn. Her ego is as large as her ears and as long as her nose. The opposite of shy, and not afraid to get in people’s faces, Carcella can be brutish to some, unrefined to most. She offends many with her dirty sense of humor but those she doesn’t has a loyal friend for life. She’ll be the first to bail you out of jail, even though you’ll have to listen to her well-meaning rants about idiocy. What were you thinking?

Carcella has been in the restaurant business for most of her life. When she was twenty, an eight-year-old Ireen began to work at the restaurant Carcella was cooking at. The dishwasher’s curiosity and eagerness struck a cord in Carcella’s heart, and she decided to apprentice the young human.

Carcella is not one to give up. Over the years, she has put in long hours to achieve her dreams. However, the restaurant business is brutal, and Carcella has turned to alcohol one too many times for comfort. Carcella’s husband, Gren, joined the army during the Second Maithan War, when the Black King waged war against Pemembras. Carcella worked her tail off (not literally) to keep the restaurant afloat during those two long years. It was during these times that she began to lean on alcohol. 

Gren came back five months before the war ended, coming home with an amputated leg and PTSD to an alcoholic wife. Gren, despite his own personal problems, stepped up to help keep Carcella’s restaurant in business. Carcella and Gren are slowly getting better, and Carcella has slowly reduced her alcohol consumption as life slowly improves.

An early sketch of Carcella