Name: Golgi

Occupation: Chef at Carcella’s

Specie: Minotaur

Height: 6’2″ at the poll, not including horns

Born: Scamair 16th, 735 (age 39)

Magical Abilities: Null

Likes: Wine, garlic, swinging music

Dislikes: Perfume, sharks, flies

Has Always Wanted To: Go on a wine tour across Themble

Golgi is Carcella’s longtime friend and trusted advisor. He has spent more than twenty years working beside Carcella as a cook before becoming a professional chef. Golgi has never entertained aspiring dreams like Carcella, but has done his best to help her along the way. Golgi is good under pressure but when his anger finally snaps, he is difficult to contain. In this manner, he is the exact opposite of Carcella. He has a wicked sense of humor that he unleashes only at the most convenient times. Otherwise, he is a fairly quiet fellow, content to just soak in the craziness of the kitchen. Like Carcella, Golgi is fearless, and has no qualms about doing what needs to be done.

Golgi adores wine and has a growing collection. Carcella trusts him to choose and purchase the wine selection for the restaurant Carcella’s. The greatest advice that he ever gave Ireen was, “The best wine is not the most expensive or the rarest. The best wine is simply the wine you like the most.”