Name: Gren

Occupation: Potter

Specie: Coyote Therio

Height: 6′ feet

Born: Peaser 10th, 731 (age 41)

Magical Abilities: Null

Likes: Mundane cats, quiet houses, scented candles

Dislikes: War, spiders, rosemary as a spice

Has Always Wanted To: Find out exactly what stars are

Gren is Carcella’s husband. It requires a lot of patience to keep up with the ambitious restaurant owner, but Gren has been married to Carcella for seventeen years and has figured her out pretty well by now. Gren, despite being 38 when the Second Maithan War began, joined the army when the Black King began war with his home, Pemembras. He passionately wanted to protect everything he cared about, including Carcella’s two-year-old restaurant. Unfortunately, five months before the war ended, a cannon exploded a stone wall next to him and crushed his right leg. His leg could not be saved and was amputated.

Gren came home with the loss of his leg and horrific nightmares. However, when he arrived, he was greeted with an alcoholic wife. Carcella had been fighting to keep her restaurant open, but it had taken a hard toll. Both of them broken, the two coyote theriomorphics began working together to heal. It was a hard road, with both of them nearly coming to divorce several times. Neither of Gren nor Carcella can say that they are cured, but their mental wounds no longer bleed so much.

In contrast to Carcella’s loud, no-nonsense ways, Gren is quietly bold. He doesn’t pick fights out in the open, but is more likely to find a more underhanded method of dealing with his anger. His passive aggressive ways sometimes cause grief when pitted against Carcella’s more fearless tactics. However, he is also caring and loyal. He doesn’t always understand the restaurant business, but he does understand the pleasure of good food. And his wife is an amazing chef.