Name: Ireen

Occupation: Chef at Carcella’s

Specie: Human

Height: 5’4″

Born: Peaser 21st, 754 (age 20)

Magical Abilities: Nominascire. Knows anyone’s true name.

Likes: Cooking, rain, swimming, sailing

Dislikes: Wet socks, laziness, overcooked eggs

Has Always Wanted To: Play in snow

The main protagonist of the series, Ireen can usually be found experimenting in Carcella’s kitchen or hanging out with her beloved family.

Ireen strongly values hard work over natural born skill and will be the first to roll up her sleeves and get dirty for what she wants. Her pride and joy are her rough hands, calloused and scarred from her many hours in the kitchen. Those little battle wounds are proof that she has worked hard and long to gain the skills she has (not to mention, a testimony to how many pies she has burned).

Ireen runs on a sort of determined optimism, where everything will turn out fine in the end because — by the stars — she refuses to let it be anything else. She often believes that she knows what is right for her family and friends, and will attempt to do what is right for them…without necessarily telling them about it.

Ireen is incredibly close with her family, especially her older sister Suebin. Although her family often drives her nuts, Ireen knows that they have her back. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her family or her friends.

When she is not cooking, Ireen loves to go sailing in the family dinghy Sanja, swimming in Borrel Bay, and hanging out with her siblings, preferably at the beach. She is terrible at the game Scales.

After the Second Maithan War and having had Tepen Ranco as king, Ireen has a deep-seated distrust, verging on hatred, for anything governmental. The Black King is just another power hungry, greedy monarch in her eyes. Despite her feelings, Ireen does not like confrontation of any sorts and refuses to have anything to do with the Revolutionaries rebelling against the Black King.

Generally, Ireen is a smiley, playful young woman who wants nothing more than to cook and care for her family and friends.