There is little Ireen values more than her family. Although they do their fair share of bickering and fighting, Ireen’s family is a tight-knit, loving group. When Suebin married, she moved out of her childhood home on Seabird Street and moved a fifteen minute walk away. Even though life is hectic, both families do their best to see each other whenever they can.

Seabird Street Family:

Sejon – The patriarch of the family, and a fisherman by trade.

Antona – The matriarch and a basketweaver.

Ireen – The second oldest, a chef.

Neto – The third oldest, and the eldest brother. A dreamer.

Luca – The youngest sibling and brother. An adventurer.

Stone Pine Circle Family:

Suebin – The oldest child. A passionate mother with a strong opinion.

Talem – Suebin’s husband and a blacksmith.

Sanson – Suebin and Talem’s oldest. A shy boy.

Partridge – Suebin and Talem’s youngest. A curious girl.