Name: Jaisom Morceff

Occupation: Maithan Court Musician

Specie: Human 

Height: 6’1″

Born: Leemair 7th, 749 (age 25)

Magical Abilities: Empathy – has the ability to broadly know a person’s emotions, and can sometimes manipulate a person’s current emotions with extreme effort

Likes: Playing the ocarina, kicking people’s butts at Scales, fried shrimp

Dislikes: Stepping on sharp rocks, bugs with lots of legs, pear pudding

Has Always Wanted To: Punch his father in the face. Multiple times, preferably.

Jaisom is a grinning buffoon who has found a new lease on life. He is a talented musician for the Black King, and plays the harpsichord, recorder, and ocarina. His friend and fellow musician Lent has been teaching him how to play the gittern, a lute-like instrument, which requires lots of patience for both of them. Jaisom focuses on appreciating the smaller things in life, and tries to be grateful for what he has. He is a talented Scales player.

When he was nineteen, Jaisom was involved in a magical explosion. This robbed him almost completely of his sight over the period of several months. Jaisom has profound vision impairment, and while he can pick out the most basic of shapes, the world is a general blur to him. Due to his limited visibility, Jaisom tends to borrow a friend or use his trusty cane to navigate the uneven cobblestone roads. Jaisom doesn’t regret losing his almost all of his eyesight, as the personal struggles he went through to adapt made him a better person. A much happier person. Jaisom doesn’t let his lack of vision stop him and tries to be as independent as possible. The largest frustration Jaisom has with being visually impaired is the lack of accommodations in Themble. He misses reading especially.

Jaisom hides a lot of pain from his past, which he tries to move past and forget about. He struggles heavily with his anger and resentment, and practices breathing slowly or simply leaves a room when he feels himself becoming too hot headed. Jaisom is incredibly friendly, but always looks for ulterior motives someone might have. He tends to be impatient when it comes to waiting and is obnoxious to stand in a line with.

Lent and Jaisom are best friends.