Name: Lent

Occupation: Maithan Court Musician

Specie: Griffin

Height: 3′ 3″

Born: Hurdle’s Day, 747 (age 27)

Magical Abilities: Null

Likes: Playing fast music, pranks, a good patch of sun

Dislikes: Thievery, guards and other lawmen, oysters

Has Always Wanted To: Return a bracelet he once stole from a widow in his youth

Lent is one of the Black King’s musicians. He plays the gittern, a small lute-like instrument. A prankster with a sharp sense of humor, Lent is Jaisom’s best friend. For all of his laid back attitude, Lent takes life seriously and pays more attention to court life than most creatures think he does.

Lent is incredibly vain and melodramatic more often than not. His witty sense of humor often wins him friends, but many enemies as well. He is prone to jealously and highly regards his reputation as a musician.

He was once a thief in Bevenkras, before it was conquered by the Black King. The Black King’s laws were much more strict, and Lent decided to turn his serious hobby, gittern playing, into a full time profession. Lent, being Lent, aimed high, and decided that if he was going to be a professional musician, then he was going to play for the king himself. It took nine attempts before he was finally hired, and now he has been working for the Black King for three years.

Lent and Jaisom are best friends.