Name: Luca

Occupation: Part-time messenger, full-time goofball

Specie: Human

Height: 4′ (for now, as he likes to remind Ireen)

Born: Scamair 2nd, 764 (age 10)

Magical Abilities: Thermokinesis. Can change the temperature of a cup of liquid by about 20 degrees up or down

Likes: Sea slugs, exploring, races

Dislikes: Washing dishes, basketweaving, ripped clothing

Has Always Wanted To: Find a creature no one has ever seen before. Or Climb onto the Borrelian Palace’s roof. Or see a Fey in the flesh. It changes day-to-day.

Luca is a troublemaker, an explorer, and a beginner biologist. The youngest of Antona and Sejon’s four children, Luca brings laughter into the house when the teenage dramatics of Neto and the adult dramatics of everyone else gets too heavy. He is utterly fascinated by nature, and finds every opportunity to explore every nook and cranny he can find. Luca especially finds tidepools fascinating, although he has discovered the hard way that poking crabs isn’t the best of ideas. His endless questions sometimes drive his family bonkers.

Luca works as a part-time messenger, as well as other odd jobs, to help bring in extra money to his family. Despite being only ten, Luca is aware of the less-than-ideal financial situation of his family and does his best not to add to his parents’ worries. He may goof off, but Luca can become serious when a situation demands it.

Due to the amount of holes he often rips in his clothing, and the lack of disposable income his family has for new clothes, Luca has learned to sew. In fact, Luca is excellent at sewing and has discovered that if he patches up his clothing well, then he won’t have to resew it multiple times. Sometimes, for a favor or a traver, Luca will patch up his friends’ clothing.

Inspired by my friends’ sons…Luca, as Bowl Hat Boy.