Name: Marla

Occupation: Maithan Court Musician

Specie: Dog

Height: 27″ inches

Born: Scamair 9th, 740 (34 years old)

Magical Abilities: Weak telekinesis. Can pick up a five pound weight within five feet of her

Likes: Carrots, family gatherings, Scales

Dislikes: Bickering and fights, bullies, rabbit

Has Always Wanted To: Have more self esteem and speak up for herself and others

Marla is originally from Croon, but moved to Maithas in 766. She is one of the Black King’s musicians and plays the drums. Quick and light with her paws, the dog has an excellent ear for beat and rhythm. Marla has dedicated years of her life to learning how to flow with and enhance other musicians to create the most cohesive and pleasing music, even if her drumming takes a quieter role.

Marla comes from a massive family. She has twenty-one siblings, and shares her birthday with four of her siblings. She thoroughly enjoys crowds and company … as long as she can watch quietly. As a musician, she can observe, keep her paws busy, and create harmonies that everyone enjoys.

With the loudmouthed Lent and exuberant Jaisom, Marla usually blends into the background of their little trio. Quiet and shy around strangers, Marla has low self esteem that causes her to doubt herself severely. However, since she began working with Lent and Jaisom, Marla has been gaining confidence slowly. Both of them praise her often and make sure that she knows her opinion matters.

Marla’s thin coat means that she gets cold often. Because of this, she can often be found wearing thickly knitted vests and scarves.