Name: Morent

Occupation: Specialist in Governmental Relations

Specie: Rat

Height: Four inches

Born: Alser 13th, 721 (age 53)

Magical Abilities: Telepathy

Likes: Grapes, morning runs, reading to his children

Dislikes: Stairs, the smell of tallow candles, lemons

Has Always Wanted To: Own a painting by his favorite artist

A lawyer with a fancy title, Morent works for the Maithan government in anything that needs tidying up with legalese. From embarrassing moments to concerning accidents, Morent is excellent at helping problems disappear through paperwork.

Morent managed to keep working for the Maithan government even after the Black King overthrew the last monarch, Surcel Ral. He is a dedicated, if exhausted father, with a strong admiration for Farsnin art.

Notably, Morent uses his ability of telepathy to speak, as he is mute.