Name: Neto “Net”

Occupation: Part-time dock worker

Specie: Human

Height: 5’7″

Born: Borlen 22nd, 758 (age 16)

Magical Abilities: Aetatemscire. Knows anyone’s ages (which he considers thoroughly useless).

Likes: Theater, barbecued foods, mundane dogs

Dislikes: Working, acne, the color orange

Has Always Wanted To: To be a hero, like in his favorite stories.

Neto, unfortunately, is suffering from teenage-hood. Covered in acne, randomly sweating, and forming embarrassing crushes on girls, Neto would love to become invisible and disappear from the world. In the last year, sweet, loving Neto has become a long-legged, overly-dramatic fool. Prone to turning beat red at the drop of a hat, Neto tends to storm off, hide, and pout. His growing limbs constantly betray him, bouncing him into walls and off of door knobs, which really doesn’t help him gain confidence around girls.

Neto has a strong passion for the arts. He will save up travers until he can afford the least expensive seats in the theater. On his days off, Neto can be found listening to poets in the plazas of Borrel, or sitting about with his head in the clouds. He loves to collect stories, and will often come home with new tales he heard or traded for at the docks.

Despite being a jittery, awkward mess, Neto is a loving soul. Nicknamed “Net” by his family, he will often bring home a pretty flower for his mother or spices for Ireen. He is very sensitive to the emotions of others, and will often realize that something is wrong (or right!) before the rest of the others. He absolutely hates awkwardness and doesn’t know what to do in those situations. When in doubt, Neto simply saws nothing.

Neto works down at the docks, gutting fish, repairing nets and sails, and untying the knots out of rope. He hates his job passionately, and would like to do pretty much anything else.

One of the first sketches of Neto.