Name: Onu

Occupation: Maithan Charmcaster

Specie: Dog

Height: 20″ inches

Born: Stralen 30th, 735 (age 39)

Magical Abilities: Meminisse. Can recall moments he magically memorized.

Likes: Soft handkerchiefs, runes, beef stew

Dislikes: Allergies, unfinished projects, fleas

Has Always Wanted To: Study rare runes around the world

Plagued by a persistent grass allergy, the Black King’s favorite charmcaster is a constant sneezing mess. However, his obsessive passion for runes and the charms lets his coworkers overlook the sneezing and watery eyes. Unfortunately not telekinetic, Onu struggles to make his runes accurate enough for basic use, let alone for the precise and detailed work needed for complex charms. He has never let that dull his passion, though, and a monarch would be pressed to find another who can read charms and point out the mathematical flaws in runes faster and more accurately than Onu. Incredibly humble, Onu prefers to stay out of the spotlight and would much rather be given a small word of praise and a new challenge to complete.