Name: Nenen (Partridge)

Specie: Human

Height: 2′ 5″ inches

Born: Alser 19th, 772 (three years old)

Magical Abilities: Haven’t matured yet, if she has any.

Likes: Attention, colorful food, birds

Dislikes: Large creatures, nap time, the cold

Has Always Wanted To: Eat more bugs

Nenen, better known as Partridge, is Suebin and Talmen’s youngest. She’s a friendly, giggling toddler who is a complete angel…until she is not. Partridge is very good at getting into three-year-old trouble, and has to be watched very carefully before she’s found with a knife in her hand or trying to touch fire. Partridge loves to share her toys and food, except as soon as she hands it over, Partridge realizes she made a mistake and will begin softly crying, then screaming, until you hand the object back.