Name: Pem

Occupation: Employee Records Manager for the Maithan Monarchy

Specie: Cow

Height: 52″ inches at the withers

Born: Borlen 10th, 726 (age 48)

Magical Abilities:Telekinesis. Can carry up to five pounds.

Likes: Relaxing with her family, good red wine, punctuality

Dislikes: Burdell, mud, physical labor

Has Always Wanted To: Live by the ocean

A city cow at heart, Pem is one of the Black King’s employee record managers, in charge of making sure that everyone is where they should be. She is always on top of the gossip, but is slow to spread anything without considerable factual backing. Pem hates large amounts of physical activity, but always seems to find herself at a brisk trot trying to reduce damage before it reaches Burdell’s ears. Often stretched a little too thin by bouncing too many projects at once, Pem is fairly dependable, if often frazzled. Her kind heart makes her popular with the employees she manages, and Pem does her best to remember her co-workers’ birthdays and other special events. Court life means that she is often away from her husband and three sons for longer than she would like, especially since they live in Clarion.