Rose’s favorite treat are oranges. As a polygot, Rose has memorized many ways to say her favorite fruit in multiple languages.

Name: Rose

Specie: Lambrose Dragon

Height: 10’7″ at the top of head, 12’3″ at the top of horns

Born: Raspair 6th, 750 (age 24)

Magical Abilities: Telepathy. Aerokinesis. Can create small puffs of wind.

Likes: Languages, reading, alone time

Dislikes: Public speaking, small places, children

Has Always Wanted To: Learn all the languages in the world

Nothing fascinates Rose more than knowing a million names for the same object. A little obsessed with learning languages, the polygot Rose tends to hide away from the world in the pursuit of knowledge. Although not shy, Rose simply finds everyone exhausting and much prefers the company of written works. Digging into a new adventure novel is Rose’s favorite past time, and enjoys reading outside on a cool spring day, when her black scales and feathers won’t suck up any of Themble’s famous summer heat waves. She gladly tolerates company if she is allowed to bring a book along for when holding a conversation becomes too much of an effort. Although her wings could carry her far, Rose has no desire to explore outside of the palace library, or at least until she has read all the books it holds.

The daughter of traders, Rose traveled extensively up and down the Sparrow Islands. Meeting so many different creatures speaking a seemingly infinite amount of tongues made her young head swirl. Now Rose works as a translator for the Black King, and has been for eight years. Her absolute fear of public speaking keeps her in small situations or in paper translation. She’s quite content with this. However, as bad as her fear of public speaking is, she would rather speak in front of the entire province than be in a small, enclosed space. When you’re a dragon, claustrophobia is unfortunately hard to avoid…

Rose enjoys walking the Themblise markets before they become busy.