Sanson is a passionate tree climber.

Name: Sanson

Specie: Human

Height: 3′ 3″ feet

Born: Peaser 15th, 770 (age four)

Magical Abilities: Haven’t matured yet.

Likes: Climbing trees, his deer toy, crowds

Dislikes: Holding hands to cross a street, sharing, cooked vegetables

Has Always Wanted To: Climb the tallest tree in the entire world.

Sanson is silent the vast majority of the time, but his facial expressions are enough to get him by most of the time. He is observant, and loves large crowds of people. Going with his parents to the market is one of his favorite activities. However, when interacting with strangers, he tends to close himself off, and doesn’t show much expression. Sanson adores attempting to climb trees, and at four years old, isn’t too shabby at it. Sanson’s favorite activity is when his father Talmen lifts him up to high branches he otherwise can’t reach.