As a fisherman, Sejon often works as a part of a crew tracking and fishing bluefin tuna. Orin dragons, like the two in the background, will scout ahead of schools of the giant fish, before reporting back to their ship.

Name: Sejon

Occupation: Fisherman

Specie: Human

Height: 5’6″

Born: Leemair 13th, 730 (age 44)

Magical Abilities: Nominascire. Can tell how many syllables there are in a person’s name.

Likes: Puffy clouds, days with his family, spicy food

Dislikes: Politics, trying to keep plants alive, scarves

Has Always Wanted To: Reconnect with his siblings

Sejon works as a fisherman, and that often takes him away from home for a few weeks at a time during the height of the season. Despite his often absences, Sejon works hard to be close with his children. Since he can’t afford them fancy gifts, he instead gives the best present he can: his time and attention. Because of this, Sejon has good relationships with all of his children. In fact, it was Sejon who introduced Ireen to the clean, salty taste of fresh seafood.

Sejon is also a bit of a romantic, and adores his wife Antona completely. They may bicker and argue sometimes, but, as a rule, they try to never go to bed angry with one another. Sejon will often bring her home berries, a length of pretty fabric, or some flowers when he can. He is also a big hugger.

Sejon was not born in Themble, but rather is from Darid, the province to the west of Themble. He moved to Borrel with his immediate family when he was twelve, as they thought they would have a better life there. Sejon was incredibly rebellious at the time, and spent before, during, and after the move moping, getting into trouble, and generally making life difficult for his family. He struggled to learn Themblise, and Borrel was a strange new city, much larger than his Darid hometown.

One day, Sejon got in trouble with the local law. Not knowing how to speak more than a few words in a language he had been refusing to learn, Sejon didn’t know how to calm the increasingly irate guards. By a stroke of luck, a young girl took pity on him, and in rapid Themblise gave a quick excuse before dragging him off. Sejon wasn’t particularly appreciative, but that didn’t stop him from being dragged to a hideaway and being fed a scone. The girl’s name was Antona, and Sejon found himself charmed by her bright personality, despite not understanding a word.

The two continued to meet, and a friendship blossomed. She was a weaver’s daughter, but she soon became his teacher. Sejon, who had resisted for months to learn Themblise, began learning in earnest from Antona. Two years later he began to learn what it was like to have a crush, and completely failed to swoop Antona off her feet – or so he thought. However, it turned out that she liked him too. At the age of seventeen (for their birthdays were only one month apart), Antona and Sejon got married. Four children, Suebin, Ireen, Neto, and Luca would eventually follow.

Sejon and Ireen at the local fish market