Name: Suebin

Occupation: Stay-at-home mother, part-time basketweaver

Specie: Human

Height: 5’6”

Born: Leemair 27th, 750 (24 years old)

Magical Abilities: Aetatemscire. Knows what month and day someone was born, but not the year. Despite this, Suebin’s terrible at remembering people’s birthdays.

Likes: Oranges, puzzles, being right

Dislikes: Mundane seagulls, pollen, abusive governments

Has Always Wanted To: Make her country proud.

Suebin is married to Talem, and together they have two children, Partridge and Sanson. Suebin met Talem when she was six, and they decided to get married when Suebin was nineteen. Partridge was five months old when the Second Maithan War began, and Suebin would have joined the battle if it wasn’t for her two young children. Her husband, Talem, created weapons for Pemembras during the war.

Suebin is the eldest of Sejon and Antona’s four children. Due to helping out with her three youngest siblings, Suebin is very responsible and good with children, although she is not good with finances. Suebin likes to remain on top of current events, and is very opinionated when it comes to politics. Her fighter attitude sometimes puts her at odds with her sister Ireen, who is much more cautious, even if she agrees with her politically. Suebin is an idealist, believing that a better world is just beyond their grasp. They just have to fight for it, which led her to join the Revolutionaries.

Suebin’s original character portrait from January 2020.