Name: Talem

Occupation: Blacksmith

Specie: Human

Height: 6’3″

Born:  Alser 28th, 752 (24 years old)

Magical Abilities: Null

Likes: Architecture, inventing, freedom

Dislikes: Weaving, washing dishes, corrupt governments

Has Always Wanted To: Design and build a palace.

Talem is Suebin’s husband and a blacksmith who works with copper, bronze, and iron. He is a passionate young man with a love of building things. Talem adores his little family, and tries to do right by them. He worries that the Black King, his new monarch, will destroy everything that he has worked for, and is concerned for the future of his children. He and Suebin often stay up late at night, debating politics and what Themble is coming to.

Talem is more tactful and level-headed than Suebin, but he matches her with fierceness. He loves nicknames and often refers to his wife as “Dot” for the mole on her jaw. Talem enjoys designing little puzzles made of scrap pieces of wood, rope, and metal for Suebin to solve.

Talem was born into a weaver’s family, but he absolutely hated the trade. Weaving was slow and dull, nothing compared to the exciting fire of blacksmithing, the ability to create wondrous objects. His childhood friend and future wife, Suebin, encouraged him to follow his dreams, and Talem eventually became an apprentice blacksmith. During the Second Maithan War, he was hired to use his blacksmithing trade to create weapons for his country Pemembras. Since Talem has no magical abilities, he cannot be burned by iron. This proved very useful and profitable skill during the war. However, under the Black King’s rule, Talem is regulated carefully, since he made weapons for the now conquered enemy.