Name: Warlic

Occupation: Maithan Army General

Specie: Direwolf

Height: 4’2″ at the shoulder

Born: Scamair 18th, 740 (age 34)

Magical Abilities: Illusion, glamour

Likes: Respectful people, knowledge, magic, children of any kind

Dislikes: Discrimination, direwolf culture and his original pack, arrogance

Has Always Wanted To: Travel

Warlic is one of the Black King’s generals, and arguably the most dangerous and esteemed. Quiet and calculated, Warlic is known for taking his time before speaking, and in turn respects those who can make their point in as few words as possible. Compared to some of the more fervent and aggressive followers of the Black King, Warlic’s silent manners and adoration of any children, no matter the specie, make him stand out. Warlic highly regards the lives of the soldiers he commands, and his brilliant strategies have succeeded in minimum casualties for the Maithan army while ensuring victory time and time again. On his own, Warlic rarely attacks first, but does not think twice about ending someone’s life if provoked.

Warlic constantly works towards furthering his education, focusing especially on strategy and magic. The Black King holds him in high regard, and his own soldiers are incredibly loyal. It is public knowledge that Warlic is a runt, and unusually small for a direwolf. He venemently despises members of his own species, and rejected his former culture and home before moving to Themble. However, it not know how the Black King and Warlic first met, only that they have known each other for more than a decade.

Warlic was created by and is owned by Kristine Cordy.

Warlic painted by the incredible Kristine Cordy in 2019.