Name: Worm

Occupation: Maithan spy

Specie: Human

Height: Stuffs shoes, bends knees, uses illusions, so who knows. Typically around 5’7″.

Born: Alser 10th, 744 (age 30)

Magical Abilities: Illusion, glamour, both with a high amount of precision

Likes: Heeled shoes, waterproof makeup, festivals

Dislikes: Vomit, rain, itchy and loose wigs

Has Always Wanted To: Find a partner and settle down

Worm is the Black King’s most coveted spy. No one is quite sure who Worm is, where they came from, or even what their name is, let alone their sex. A master of makeup, wigs, and illusions, all that is really known about Worm is that unless the spy wants to be recognized, Worm won’t be. They have an entire enclosed wagon to themselves filled to the brim with costumes and necessary supplies to take on any role anywhere. Personalities are as flexible and changeable as their appearance, so Worm doesn’t have any known relationships besides contact with the Black King.

Worm enjoys the adventure and freedom their career allows them. They have been stealing secrets for as long as they have been alive, and it is very nice to be paid handsomely for something they love. Their favorite part is their shoe collection, but makeup and wigs come in close second.