Elturas is the world that Name of the King takes place in. It is a small planet with two moons, Dasha and Arro. Elturas has three continents with an incredible array of biomes and home of millions of species of creatures. Many of these creatures have magic, and the intelligent ones bend magic to their will with charms. Much of the continents are split into regions of varying sizes, marked out by the territory that a powerful Fey used to covet. Now, though, the Fey have been banished to the Feylands on the northern half of the largest continent, Vose, and remain trapped there by the Feyland’s massive Obelisks. The regions still exist, used by the constantly shifting, unstable monarchies for maps and general geographic ease.

Explore Elturas:

Classifications of Creatures – Learn about what makes a creature civilized, mundane, or Fey.

Magic – Runes and charms are the building blocks of magic on Elturas, but personal abilities, gold, iron, and silver play a huge role.

The Fey – Hated for their selfishness, feared for their cruelty, the Fey are the most magical creatures that exist on Elturas.  

The Feylands  – Explore the basics of the Feylands, where the Fey are trapped in the present day.

Geography of Elturas – Tour the different continents of Elturas and splash in its deepest oceans.

The Moons, Greshin the Sun, and Surrounding Planets – Take a loop around Elturian space.

Explore a Region:

Themble – A warm, golden region filled with olives, wine, and tuna. The setting for Name of the King.

Darid – The western province to Themble, rocky and hot.

Farsni – The eastern province to Themble, a mountainous coastal region.

The Barrier – Sandwiched in between the Feylands and Themble, this region is barely inhabited land no one wants.