Burdell is a rather cold-hearted example of a cupidine.

Specie: Cupidine

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure Hybrid (Theriomorphic)

Provinces: Almost all.

Rarity: Common

Average Height: 6′ (females), 6’3″ (males)

Average Weight: 130 lbs (female), 150 lbs (male)

Life Span: 70-80 years on average.

Diet: Omnivore

Description: Cupidines at first glance appear to be humans with wings. However, cupidines also sport tail feathers and their legs are scaled, blending neatly into bird feet. Their light builds and fast metabolisms mean that it is difficult for a cupidine to put on weight, so they often appear to be thin. Women are not particularly shapely, and have less curves than men. Cupidines often have hooked or aquiline noses. Their ears have a slight point at their tips.

Sexual Dimorphism: Women are lightly curvier than men. Men are capable of growing facial hair, and are more likely to have more colorful feathers. Men tend to be taller than females.

Colors and Markings: Cupidines can come in any color that a human can come in, and they can have wings that resemble almost any flying bird specie.

Common Magical Abilities: Cupidines are not that magically powerful, but tend to lean towards illusory abilities, such as mimicry, bilocation, and glamours. However, this is not a firm rule, and cupidines are more than capable of showing other powers. For instance, Burdell is a thermokinetic.

Physical Abilities: Obviously, cupidines can fly. Their flight patterns change depending on what their wing shape is. Cupidines are also decently fast on land, and have excellent eyesight.

Reproduction: One child, with occasional twins or triplets, born live after a gestation period of 40 weeks.

Characters: Burdell