Darid is the province that borders Themble to the west. Notable for its rocky buttes and grasslands, Darid is renown for its manufacture of goods, mundane cattle, and gold mines. Darid is made up of one stable monarchy who shares its name with its province.

Darid citizens are called the Dari. The language is also called Dari.

The Dari share many similarities with the Themblise in regards to culture and society. About half of the Dari population worships Ravieka. Themblise and Dari share a love of bright patterns, although Dari prefer more folds and layers to their clothing with an emphasis on buckles, which often become works of art. Their technology and warfare are alike, and both have good trade routes along the coast of Vose.

Dari have a distinctive accent compared to Themblise. Unlike Themble, Darid has “v”, “j” (as in jam), and “z” sounds in their language. Ireen’s father, Sejon, can be instantly recognized as an immigrant because of his name. Jaisom, who doesn’t even speak Dari, is a third generation son of a Dari immigrant, which is also reflective in his name.