Specie: Direwolf

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure

Provinces: Jaczin Mountain Range

Rarity: Rare

Average Height: 4-5 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight: 100-190 pounds

Average Length: 6-8 feet from nose to end of torso, 8-9 from nose to tail

Average Lifespan: 90-120 (depending greatly on weather, and access to food)

Description: Direwolves are large muscular wolves with thick fur that thins out during the warmer months. This fur is highly insulating, protecting them from the harsh winds and snows of the mountain altitudes. The wolves reside in the mountain ranges in familial units of 10-20, and are nomadic, travelling up and down the base of the mountain range depending on the seasons and the Moons.  Each familial unit lives in a symbiosis with a small flock of mountain residing birds that help scout for the tribe and relay messages between families that reside under the same tribe. Typically the birds living alongside the wolves are bearded vultures, and there is usually 4-6 for every 10-20 wolves.

There are 3 direwolf tribes, Ryne, Quoa, and Pwin. Each tribe is made of anywhere from 50-60 families. More about the direwolf culture can be found here (link coming soon).

Diet: Direwolves are carnivorous, and prefer meat cooked, although have been known to eat raw meat during times of need. These great, civilized beasts are nomadic, and spend the year following the herds of bighorn sheep and other mountain prey.  Their meat is notoriously bland and rarely seasoned.

Pups though are fed milk from the den mothers for the first 4 months, after 2 months cooked meat is also mixed into their meals.

The direwolves are also well known for drying meat into jerky for consumption during hard times.

Sexual Dimorphism: There is not much difference between the genders, although males tender to be slightly larger than the females.

Colors and Markings:  Direwolves come in shades of white, grey, black, and browns, although red pelts or red toned pelts have been seen. Various degrees of markings and spots have been seen but aren’t typically common or widely spread on the body.

Common Magical Abilities: Direwolves having varying degrees of magical abilities and strengths. Common abilities include bilocation, mimicry,  pyrokinesis, and vitakinesis.

Physical Abilities:  Direwolves are quite agile, and fast able to reach speeds upwards of 50 mph. On average a wolf can leap a distance of 15 feet.

Reproduction: Direwolves reach sexual maturity around 15 years of age. They have an average of a 70 day gestation period, with litters of 3-5 pups. Pups are born deaf and blind and usually gain hearing after about 14 days, and sight with in 24 days.

Characters: Warlic

Elturian direwolves were designed by Kristine Cordy. This page was written by her with minor edits.