Farsni is the province to the northeast of Themble. It shares the tip of the Bevenkras mountains with Themble. Unlike Themble, which has its warm valley perfect for agriculture, Farsni is thick with mountains. Long and skinny, Farsni travels east with the Lel Sea to the south and the Barrier to the north.

Covered in cliffs with pines, including towering redwoods, Farsni’s mountains allow it a cooler climate than Themble. It has mild, rainy winters and just as mild, cool summers. Because of this, Farsnin prefer to wear light woolen textiles with charms against moisture.

Farsni is not as populous as Themble, and lacks many of the opportunities Themble’s wealth allows. Shining temples and public bathhouses are a luxury Farsnin do not have. Farsnin tend to live farther from another in small city states, and the culture values independence and honor. The ruling city states form the Federation of Farsni, the region’s government. Their political opinion can be found in Themblise Politics.

The Farsnin language likes to mesh constants together, and words and names are more likely to end in a vowel than the Themblise language. They have a thick accent that is noticeable against Themblise. Farsnin have several distinct dialects that aren’t immediately noticeable to outsiders, but are instantly recognizable to Farsnin.