Most of the Feylands consists of temperate forests filled with maples, birches, and several different species of pine trees. These forests are often interrupted by flowering fields, deadly cliffs, and thundering waterfalls.

The Feylands is a singular massive territory that takes up the northern part of the continent Jeces and contains the entirety of the Fey, as well as other magical and non-magical creatures. Nearly 800 years before the events of The War of the Black King, the Feylands were created by an unknown entity or group (often credited to a deity or deities) to house the destructive Fey. The Fey and anyone who originally entered when it was created, or born within its invisible walls afterwards, are unable to cross the border into the rest of Elturas, whether it be by land, air, or sea. However, the rest of Elturas is able to enter, although the number that leave alive are few. Physical objects that are made entirely or part of materials from the Feylands cannot cross the border back into Elturas, but objects from the rest of Elturas can come into the Feylands. 

The magic that contains the Feylands is invisible to most, however, the obelisks that create the wards are anything but. Over 500 feet (152.4 meters) in height, the stone obelisks create the border to the Feylands, and stand on land and beneath the ocean. They are dark grey in color, and covered in minuscule runes from top to bottom. At night, the runes sparkle like blue stars. Nothing can mar the runes or otherwise damage or vandalism the obelisks. 

A Range of Mountains, With Rolling Fog, And Giant, Towering Obelisks Rise into the Sky
An early digital sketch of the border of the Feylands, with its towering obelisks.  It is often impossible to tell by sight alone where border of the Feylands is.

Inside the Feylands, the biomes are unusually varied, created by magic by the incredibly powerful Fey to suit each of their needs. Therefore, although the Feylands should be naturally overwhelmed by snow and alpine forests, inside the Feylands are small territories of deserts, grasslands, and more. The Feylands change often, as the Fey are constantly warring for territories, and seismic activity is common. More often than not, any of these miniature biomes are hidden, both from the border and other Fey.

When entering the Feylands, the first thing that anyone notices is the dramatic increase in magic. Some describe it like a giant leap in humidity, while others feel pressure, making it hard to breathe, and others feel electrified. The Fey that live inside of the Feylands are incredibly powerful, and even the weakest Fey would be considered to be a threat to those who live outside the Feylands. Their combined, condensed auras play a large part in the higher level of magic than outside of the Feylands. Some believe that before the Feylands were created, Elturas was more magical as a whole due to the spread-out territories of the Fey. 

Those who live in the Feylands are often considered to be fey (lower-case f), even if they are not Fey. Many different species of creatures, both mundane and civilized, live in the Feylands, although they tend to be of the wilder, more violent sort. It is unknown whether the difficult life of the Feylands forces a more instinctive and ferocious lifestyle, or if these species were forced into the Feylands due to their violent culture or nature. However, many of the species that are not Fey are not found outside of the Feylands, or, if they are, in very low numbers. 

Civilizations that border the Feylands have different beliefs concerning it. Some, such as the province of Marron, believe that they Fey are trapped gods. They regularly provide offerings and pray to the obelisks, and shamans are required to stay in the Feylands for seven nights for their initiation (not many survive, so it is an exulted position). Others, like the Ghena tribes, know what the Fey are, and have a tentative, fluctuating relationship involving trade of outside goods into the Feylands in exchange for charms and magical knowledge, although the system fails every few decades when the Fey suddenly refuse to cooperate. Themble knows a bit about the Feylands, but it is a banned, ostracized, and feared place, and they remain far away from the border and its obelisks. Their terror of the Feylands is why no kingdom holds territory in the Barrier – a 50 mile wide stretch of mountain ranges and valleys between the Feylands and Themble. 

Outside of the bordering provinces, the Feylands have been forgotten or been so soaked in myth and legends that they are more akin to an imaginary hell than a real place.