Lent is a very musically-talented griffin.

Species: Griffin

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure hybrid

Provinces: Almost all

Rarity: Common

Average Height: 4 feet

Average Weight: 70 lbs

Average Wingspan: Depends on wing shape. 12 feet.

Life Span: 60-80 years

Diet: Omnivore. Mostly meat, fish, nuts, and seeds.

Description: A quadruped, griffins have the front half of a bird and the back half of a feline. Their appearances vary greatly, but griffins tend to resemble the birds native to their environment. All griffins have scaled, four fingered claws on their front limbs, and feline paws on their back limbs. The shape of their wings varies, but all griffins have hip feathers (which are akin to birds’ tail feathers). The feathers on their bodies begin to transition to fur after the wing joint, and are fully fur after the flank. All griffins have feathered, mobile ears on the top of their head, but the shape of these vary.

Colors and Markings: Griffins can come in a wide variety of colors and wing shapes. Griffins typically resemble real-life bird species in look, but this is not a hard rule. Feathers can be any color found in birds. Their fur is earth-toned, blending into tans, browns, greys, white, and black. The fur is solid, striped, or spotted, and the spots or stripes may have a hint of the color from the feathers (such as bright blue or red). The shape of the wings vary, which can adjust the flight pattern. In general, though, griffins have long, broad wings that support soaring flight. Griffin beak and head shapes can also differ. Griffin eyes are usually black, brown, golden, or red, with the rare green and blue eyes occasionally appearing.

Sexual Dimorphism: Males are more colorful or more boldly patterned, and are more likely to have tall plumage between and around the ears (called a crest), and on the chest and cheeks.

Common Magical Abilities: Griffins tend to be decently magical. Common abilities include aerokinesis and thermokinesis, but it varies widely upon individuals.

Physical Abilities: Griffins are agile and quick, as well as highly flexible. They are not physically strong. Griffins love to sleep, and a griffin can easily sleep for ten to twelve hours a day (preferably in a sunny spot). They have excellent hearing, smell, and eyesight.

Reproduction: Two to four eggs that hatch after 30 days. Vary in color from white to brown to eggshell blue.

Characters: Lent