Magical abilities are broken down into four classifications. These classifications help organize the nearly unlimited ways magic can manifest in creatures and plants. The range and exact abilities vary from creature to creature. These are not all of the magical abilities that appear in Elturas, just some of them.


Someone with no magical abilities and no magical strength is called null.


Kinetic magical abilities change a specific part of the environment around the magical user.


– To control air, from its pressure to its direction and speed. Varies highly upon the individual.


– To see into the past, future, or present.


– To control electricity, from static electricity to creating thunderstorms and controlling lightning.


– To bend, shape, and control iron. An incredibly rare ability that is highly sought after, since iron burns all magical creatures except for ferrokinetics. Instead, gold and copper burns them instead of augmenting their magic.


– To have the ability to invigorate, heal, or harm various different types of plants.


– To control most types of soil and/or rock. A Fey or civilized geokinetic is unable to control iron or silver or rocks and soil that contain a high degree of iron or silver.


– To control water. Most commonly, hydrokinetics are only able to control liquid water, although the ability to control solid or gaseous water exists as well. An extremely powerful hydrokinetic will be able to change the phase of water without being a thermokinetic.


– To control light, whether it be its brightness or the ability to create light oneself, depending on an individual’s magical strength.


– To control fire. Some pyrokinetics are able to create fire magically, while others need a source of fire to use their abilities.


– The ability to move solid objects, which varies from being able to lift a feather to hurl a 500lb boulder. One of the most common abilities across species.


– To control the temperature of an object, or, if powerful, even a creature. The rate at which the temperature changes, and by how many degrees an individual can change varies.


– To control the speed at which a body heals itself. Sometimes, this only affects the magic user, while other times they are powerful enough to use magic to heal another body. This power cannot bring the dead back to life unless it is to restart a recently failed heart or similar medical incident, which requires magical power, precision, and biological knowledge.


These magical abilities interact with creatures mentally, be it transferring information (such as telepathy) to extracting information.


– The ability to know of the illness that plagues someone. However, this does not include the ability to know how to heal them.


To know another’s creature age, sometimes down to the exact second they were born. A powerful aetatemscio may be able to tell how much longer an individual will live based off of biological factors.


– To know another creature’s emotional state, and, in some cases, manipulate it.


– To manipulate another creature’s thoughts and opinions.


– The ability to recall a memory with a high degree of detail, if not perfect recollection. A weak memini can recall a moment that was magically memorized (such as a page of a book, or a period of time of importance), while a powerful memini could recall any memory with perfect recollection.


– The ability to see another creature’s memories, from little flashes to actually being able to warp and change memories.


– The ability to know a creature’s name. A weak nominascio may only know the syllables of a creature’s name, while a powerful nominascio would be able to know a creature’s true name, aliases, and titles.


– To magically understand an unknown language. However, once an individual stops use this ability, they will no longer know the language. Strong magical users may be able to use this ability to speak the unknown language as well.


– Talking to another creature mentally. Telepathy does not include the ability to dive into another’s thoughts or memories, but a magically powerful telepathic may be able to send images.


Illusory abilities make objects or creatures appear to change in one or more physical senses.


– Projecting an image of oneself, sometimes with sound, smell, and even the illusion of touch.


– Changing the appearance of oneself or another creature.


– A creature with this power can change how reality appears around a creature. This may include making an object look another color for a short period of time, to making someone believe that they are somewhere else with sight, smell, and even touch.


– This can vary to camouflage to full invisibility.


– Changing ones voice to sound like another creature and/or mimic another sound.


– Throwing ones voice or even another sound across a room or environment.


These magical abilities interact with the magical user or another creature, object, or environment. It is sort of the catch-all category.


– A beserker has multiple high-powered magical abilities, but has control over none of them. Instead, their powers are linked to their emotional state. This is a highly unusual ability.


-The ability to sense and be immune or resistant to various toxins, poisons, and/or venom. An individual also may be able to remove these substances from liquids or heal someone who has ingested a toxin/poison/venom to a certain degree. A common magical ability in unicorns.


– A channeler does not have access to their own magical abilities unless touching another magical creature or object. A channeler is incredibly powerful as a rule, but does not have many magical abilities, usually only one or two. The person or object they touch experiences a sharp increase in their own magical power. This is an incredibly rare ability.

Mineral Growth

– Mineral growth was the specialty of the giants. They were capable of growing crystals, certain minerals, and gemstones with materials found around them. The greatest of the giants could produce crystals that were more than ten feet long.


– To magically create sound pulses that then are reflected and returned from objects and creatures.


– To make oneself float. Direction and speed varies depending on the individual. A powerful creature can use levitation to fly.


– To immobilize a creature for a period of time. This typically only halts voluntary actions, like movement, but does not halt involuntary actions, like the heart.

Physical Amplification

– To have the ability to temporarily increase the strength of a physical attribute, which varies highly among individuals. It may be strength, hearing, or the ability to grow hair fast.


– To have the ability to use magic to satisfy certain requirements for living for a period of time. This might be sleep, hydration, the consumption of food, breathing, or another bodily function.


-To create sound pulses and measuring their return once they have been reflected by an object or creature.


– To change the location of oneself, or another creature or object. Distance and ability to move others varies on the individual.


-To project a shield that prevents objects or creatures from penetrating it. Varies in size, strength, and what objects and creatures can be blocked.

Weather Forecasting

– To be able to foretell what the weather will be like in the future. Varies how far an individual can foretell the future.