This thin strip of land, ranging anywhere from a mile across to more than a hundred miles, is named the Barrier for sitting between the Feylands and the rest of Elturas. It sometimes goes interrupted when provinces decide that the Fey are not to be feared, or when those provinces believe that the Oblelisks’ magic has stood for nearly 800 years and will probably stand another 800 more. Other areas, like the Jaczin mountain range, may or may not be a part of the Barrier, depending on who you ask.

The Barrier overwhelmingly tends to have no formal governments, but instead, every daring little town has its own rules. Very few people go to live in the Barrier, and those who do may be outcasts, criminals, or simply hermits.

The number one thing to break down the Barrier by a province? Gold. The discovery of gold and the greed that follows is the reason several provinces have decided that the Feylands isn’t so scary after all.

Darid, Themble, and Farsni all share one section of the Barrier, which is about fifty miles at its widest. Towards northern Farsni, the Barrier slims down to less than ten miles.