The solar system in which Elturas exists in is called the Greshin system, named after its sun.

Greshin and its Planets

Greshin is a G-type star which is orbited by

The planets, in order are:

  1. Kysenar
  2. Celaporal
  3. Firleesh
  4. Bol
  5. Elturas
  6. Nair
  7. Senal
  8. Cherip
  9. Gosapl (undiscovered by Elturians)
  10. Tisim (undiscovered)

Many Elturian cultures have a belief that the number seven, the number of observable planets (not including Elturas) is a lucky or magical number. Themble is one of them.

Elturian Moons

Elturas has two orbiting satellites: Dasha and Arro.


A small, pale pink sphere, Dasha orbits Elturas much like our own moon does. Dasha is recognizable by its rose-hued appearance marked with craters and valleys.


Arro is much tinier than Dasha and is not a true moon. Its entire surface area is smaller than Vose. Arro is a satellite caught between the gravities of both Dasha and Elturas. It orbits Dasha in a long, oval pattern that disrupts Elturian tides when it comes near. Arro is a soft blue color.