2021 Concept art for a Themblise map

Themble is the province where much of Name of the King takes place. Notably, it is fairly close to the border of the Feylands, with only two mountain ranges between them. Themble is famous for its hot summers and wet winters, as well as the delicious olives, wine, and huge agricultural economy. Although there were once four monarchies, three have fallen to the Black King since his first overnight coup nine years ago.

Explore Themble:

Architecture – Take a walk through Themble’s many arches and admire the scenery from Themble’s beautiful bridges.

Art – Admire some examples of patterns, murals, and sculptures that are abundant in Themblise life.

Calendar – A breakdown of how the Themblise measure an Elturian year, month, week, and day. 

Careers and Apprenticeships – Learn about a few of the many jobs Themblise can have and the roles these jobs play.

Cuisine – Yum! Have a taste of Themblise food, and learn about Ireen’s favorite subject.

Economy  – View some of Themble’s coinage and learn how agriculture plays a huge part in trade.

Education – While much of Themble is illiterate, there are many different types of education.

Famous People – Learn about some of the most infamous monarchs, inventors, and more.

Fashion  – Everyone likes to look good, and this applies to all civilized creatures, not just humans!

Flora and Fauna – Discover a few of the plants and mundane animals frequently found in Themble.

Funerals – Death doesn’t have to be somber, and in Themble, a funeral is a moment of celebration!

Games, Sports, and Recreation – Everyone needs some form of entertainment, especially to keep the children distracted.

Geography – Explore the different miniature regions of Themble, from the wooded north border, to the great agricultural plains, to the cliffside coastal sea.

Health, Medicine, and Sanitation – Getting sick is never fun, but Themblise doctors have many methods of preventing and curing diseases. 

History – Explore a timeline of Themble’s unstable history.

Holidays – It’s time to break out the family cake recipe and learn about a few of the yearly festivals of Themble!

Language – Learn the rules of the Themblise language, as well as some of its most common slang and expletives.

Marriage – Marriage and child-bearing are very important to Themblise culture. Learn about courting, weddings, and divorce in Themble culture.

Monarchies – Tour the four monarchies, and learn how each of these interact.

Music and Dance – A massive part of Themblise culture, learn how songs and dancing affect the everyday lives of the Themblise people. 

Politics – The opinions of the people and their rulers can be intensely heated.

Population – The inhabitants of Themble are diverse, from herbivores to carnivores, to the magically gifted and the magically null.

Religion – A monotheistic society, Themble believes in a singular, genderless diety, Ravieka.

Social Norms – Learn about how manners, slang, gender, species, and more influence the everyday lives of the Themblise.

Technology – Arquebuses, cranks, printing presses, and more can be found in Themble, as well as other agricultural inventions.

Transportation – Travel across Themble by air, land, sea! 

Warfare – Experience the horror of Themblise warfare, and learn about the army, air force, and navy and their roles.