Bevenkras, 769, when the Black King attacked.

Before the Black King

Adjective: Bevankrish

Flag: White with a rust orange triangle, a bar of dark green, and a bar of dark blue on the bottom.

Concept art of the Bevenkrish flag. The orange triangle represents Mt. Chaeropan, the stripe of green fields of olives, and the blue of Chaeropan Bay.

Symbol: The Olive Tree

Founded: Alser 26th, 438

Previous Ruling Monarch: Queen Lodel and King Consort Jut

Location: Northeast

Former Capital: Chaeropan

Former Strength of Government: Suffered from a split-party system, with the Queen on one side and the King Consort on the other. To say the least, the King and Queen did not have a happy marriage.

Former Strength of Army: Disorganized, but made up for that in brute strength. Had a large air force made up of primarily dragons.

Former Government Funding: So-so. Not rich, but not poor either. Enough to do what needed to be done without much room for improvements.

After the Black King

Opinions of the General Population: Over the past four years, the former Bevenkrish citizens have slowly accepted to being a part of Maithas. However, many worry that the Black King will attempt to conquer Croon and ruin any further chance of a peaceful, stable existence.

Economy: Fair. Has a good trade system, especially with the neighboring province of Farsni. Oyster and crab fishing maintains a strong local economy around Chaeropan Bay.

Main Exports: Olives, olive oil, lumber, finished goods, especially furniture and marble statues.

Main Imports: Cattle, wheat, marble and pine lumber from Farsni

Important People from Here:

Lent – A griffin musician who now works for the Black King.


Bevenkras is the oldest monarchy that existed until the Black King. It had gone through several periods of growth and decay, of war and peace. In the late 400’s and early 500’s, it went through an experimental art phase that would make geometric patterns very popular in Themble.

Bevenkras fell to the Black King after a year-long war on Peaser 15th, 770. Queen Lodel and King Consort Jut had split the country politically before the Black King invaded with their differing opinions on how Bevenkras should have been run. The acorn woodpeckers’ infighting weakened the country to the point that Bevenkrish were relieved to have a more stable government once the Black King won.