A Map of Themble from 774
Croon in 774

Adjective: Croonians

Flag: Sky blue with two white triangles representing sails.

Symbol: Mundane blue marlin

The flag of Croon, representing the blue sky or sea against the white of ship sails.

Founded: Caeroon 18th, 505

Ruling Monarch: Queen Amone Feras (Cougar)

Location: Southeast, with several Sparrow Islands

Strength of Government: Strong towards the capital, but weakens on the outer edges from lack of supervision, which sometimes leads to corruption or laziness.

Strength of Army: Large and powerful, especially the massive navy. Has a highly trained air force.

Government Funding: Very well off due to successful economy. Has been spending a high amount in the last few years on border protection and the military thanks to the Black King.

Opinions of the General Population: The people are content with their stations for the most part. They have their issues with the government, but it isn’t a driving force. Most citizens worry that the Black King will wage war on their monarchy soon, which has led to an increase of weapon ownership.

Economy: Rich from trade throughout the Sparrow Islands, as well as with the provinces of Darid and Farsni. Croon’s large navy prevents attacks from pirates that sometimes attack Maithan trade vessels. Has an excellent coastal economy built off of trade and fishing, while the internal economy is ran by the bountiful agriculture.

Main Exports: Cattle, foodstuffs of all varieties, weapons (although not to the Black King).

Main Imports: Lumber, metal, finished goods.


Croon was a scrap of land until the bloodthirsty Inchen Corsian rose to power. The minotaur decided to make Croon unforgettable. She conquered the neighboring monarchy of Ferot and took half of the monarchy Helimo’s land. Inchen placed Croon on the map, and with the access to more agricultural land and trade routes, the monarchy would slowly grow to be the powerhouse it is today.