Before the Black King

Adjective: Pemembrans

Flag: Olive Green with two vertical bars of burgundy split by a stripe of white.

Symbols: The Swallow and Grapes

Concept art for the Pemembran flag. The green represents the olives and the vineyards, the red for the wine, and the white for the Northern Road that splits Pemembras in half.

Founded: Balmoon 31st, 459 by Queen Antel, after Pemen, the wife of folkhero Luca

Previous Ruling Monarch: King Tepen Ranco and the Merchant’s Council

Location: Southwest (now a part of Maithas)

Former Capital: Borrel

Former Strength of Government: Strong, oppressive. Focused on keeping the power within the wealthy.

Former Strength of Army: Medium-sized, strong ground forces, disorganized air force.

Former Government Funding: Incredibly wealthy, but most of it went to the nobles, almost none of it went to the people. Extreme tax breaks for the wealthy were common.

After the Black King, Current Day

Conquered by the Black King: Aspairoon 3rd, 774

Opinions of the General Population: They’re unhappy, disillusioned with all forms of government, and tired of being shortchanged. Distrustful of the wealthy and of the Black King.

Economy: Rich, especially during the harvest season. Currently, little of it reaches the people due to previous laws in place and wealthy merchants.

Main Exports: Wine, grapes, vinegar, olives, olive oil.

Main Imports: Finished goods, such as fabric, plows, and more. 

Characters from Pemembras:

Antona – Female human. Ireen’s mother and a basketweaver.

Carcella – Female coyote therio. The owner and chef of Carcella’s, a restaurant. 

Golgi – Male minotaur. Carcella’s longtime friend and fellow chef.

Gren – Male coyote therio. Carcella’s husband.

Ireen – Female human. Our protagonist, a friendly, outgoing chef.

Jaisom – Male human. A talented musician with a spring in his step.

Luca – Male human. Ireen’s youngest brother

Neto – Male human. Ireen’s younger brother.

Partridge – Female human. Suebin and Talem’s youngest daughter.

Sanson – Male human. Suebin and Talem’s son.

Sejon  Male human. Ireen’s father.

Suebin Female human. Ireen’s older sister and Talem’s wife.

Talem – Male human. Suebin’s husband.

Tepen Ranco – Male griffin. Former king of Pemembras.

Carcella’s Restaurant Staff – Short biographies for each of Ireen’s co-workers.


The land that would one day come Pemembras had had so many rulers and territorial wars that no one knew what to call the land. This territory was invaded in 451, and a humble cupidine farmer was voted in as king. Under King Luca’s guidance, the northern invaders were pushed back. Although he had united the land, Luca had no desire to be king and wanted to return to his fields. However, before returning to his life as a farmer, his trained his successor, Queen Antel.

Queen Antel wanted to call this new land Lucem after the heroic farmer. Luca reclined, and when she insisted, he replied to name it after his wife, Pemen. Therefore, Queen Antel named the new monarchy Pemembras, after the cupidine’s beloved wife.

Over the next couple hundred of years, Pemembras would squabble with its neighbors, suffer from the fall of the economy, and thrive when it did well. The country’s size and shape changed several times as wars were fought. However, but the 650’s, Pemembras had settled into the size it would be when the Black King invaded in 772. In the early 700’s, the country slowly switched from a monarchy to an oligarchy as the Merchant’s Council grew more powerful, until the former King Tepen was no more than a figurehead.

Pemembras is now under the Black King’s control since losing the Second Maithan War in 774. However, the change in rulership has not been easy, especially with the Revolutionaries continually causing chaos.