Carcella’s is a restaurant serving traditional Themblise cuisine in Borrel.

Carcella’s first opened in 770, two years before the Black King first invaded Pemembras. The founder and owner is Carcella, who the restaurant is named after. Carcella’s made a quiet opening, but a successful marketing strategy through the use of free food and live music caused it to slowly grow in popularity. Carcella had been a chef for numerous restaurants in the past, and her past three restaurant failures taught her the valuable lessons that she needed for Carcella’s to succeed.

The restaurant barely survived during the Second Maithan War. The dedication of Carcella and her most loyal employees, as well as the support from the community, kept the place on the edge of closing. The end of the war, and the arrival of the Black King’s occupation, as slowly led to more business. After two years of bare bones survival, it finally looks like life is getting better…


Carcella’s serves traditional Themblise cuisine. Unlike some restaurants that have specialties, Carcella’s has a menu that is fitting for all herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. The menu is seasonal, adjusting to whatever ingredients are available at the time. However, Carcella’s has grown a reputation for consistently high-quality food, despite the revolving menu.


Carcella’s is a small, casual restaurant pinned between Goby Way and the Capoc Canal in Borrel (formerly the capital city of Pemembras). Situated only two blocks from Eset Street from the front entrance, and at the edge of the Capoc Canal walking trail from the back entrance, Carcella’s has an excellent location that its owner, Carcella, fought for. 


The restaurant is two-storied, with a good-sized outdoor patio against the Capoc Canal walking trail. Carcella’s is L shaped, with the one-story kitchen forming the smaller branch. The restaurant can seat most sizes of creatures, from mice to dragons. The outdoor seating, with a retractable awning, is designed for dragons in mind. Carcella’s has 24 tables, which seat 60 creatures comforably. 

Next to the walking trail is also the outdoor grill (which sits in front of the kitchen). The sights and smells from the grill (from seafood to vegetables to peaches and whole pigs) often bring in customers. 


Carcella Owner/Manager/Executive Chef – Female Coyote Therio

Golgi – Head Chef/Opener – Male Minotaur

Ireen – Chef/Closer – Female Human

Venne – Cook (Grillardin) – Male Lambrose Dragon

Cohel – Cook (Saucier) – Female Cougar

Lu – Part-time Cook (Peak hours) – Male Black Bear

Meehanel – Dinner Host – Male Cupidine

Det – Dinner Waitress/Backup Host – Female Dog

Faill – Dinner Waitress- Female Goat

Omino – Dinner Waiter – Male Horse

Bono – Lunch and Dinner Waiter – Male Human

Chelneah – Lunch Waitress – Female Unicorn

Enut – Lunch Waiter – Male Donkey

Anata – Busperson (part time, only comes in during peak hours) – Female Cupidine

Zepet – Lunch Dishwasher – Male Hare Therio

Themem – Dinner Dishwasher – Female Hare Therio