Shooting Star Winery is a famous vineyard and winery in Pairelten within the borders of former Pemembras. It is owned by the bull Grenor Shapar, who became mayor of Pairelten after his winery’s success.

Shooting Star Winery is famous for its wide variety of wines, as it not only makes wine from the grapes grown in its nearly 200 acre vineyards, but also from the finest grapes from around Themble. Shooting Star produces some of the most sought after and expensive wines in all of Themble. Every year, exclusive parties are held to auction off its most select amphoras and barrels of wine.

The winery’s founder and owner, Grenor Shapar, is a notable vintner and political figure. The large, overweight bull is often paranoid that spies from other wineries will attempt to steal his journals detailing his winemaking processes. Shooting Star’s success has led to a considerable amount of power in Pairelten and beyond. Many years ago, Shapar had the honor of meeting Pemembras’ King Tepen Ranco, where he charmed his way into several tax breaks and a gift from the king himself.