Like in any place, Themblise politics can be brutal, convoluted, and misleading. Although everyone has their own personal opinion, the broad views of both the politicians and their people can be found below.

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Maithas is the monarchy that has conquered Pemembras and Bevenkras under the leadership of the charismatic Black King. Although the monarch came to rule Maithas through a one night coup, over the nine years, the Black King has earned the trust of many.

The merchants typically view the Black King as a curse and a blessing. The unicorn monarch is an amazing improvement from his greedy predecessor, Surcel Rel, but much more difficult to manipulate. The wars and conquering of two monarchies has brought more wealth and opportunities for both the wealthy and the common folk, although many worry when the Black King’s luck will run out.

The Maithan people did not trust the Black King when he first rose to power. However, his fair laws and improved justice system has slowly earned their trust. While the wars have made many exhausted and grief-stricken, the bountiful trade that has come to the poor Maithan economy makes the cost of war worth it in many eyes.

Most of the country believes that the Black King will eventually wage war on Croon, so that he has control of all of Themble.

The Black King’s heavy nationalistic campaigns to encourage the acceptance of former Pemembras and Bevenkras has slowly improved relations, although many still have retain resentment.

The regions Darid and Farsni are considered to be good, if not excellent, trade partners, especially Darid.

Former Pemembras

It has only been six months since Pemembras reluctantly surrendered to the Black King. Pemembras fought considerably harder against Maithas than Bevenkras, and the proud people have surrendered in name but not in spirit. While Pemembrans harbor resentment towards Maithas, but their fury and hatred is primarily aimed towards the Black King. Either way, the Revolutionaries have gained traction in the recent months.

Proud Pemembras views Bevenkras with disgust and pity, since it too lost to the Black King, but has ceased revolting against its new leadership.

Pemembrans are bitter against Croon, who pulled out of their alliance in the war against the Black King at the last moment. Many believe if Croon had not failed as allies, then Pemembras would still be free.

Darid is a longstanding trade partner of Pemembras, and this has not changed after the war. Farsni is a neutral party.

The Revolutionaries

In Ireen’s hometown and former capital Borrel, as well as in the Pemembran countryside, the Revolutionaries cause mayhem. They desire to rid Pemembras of not only the Black King, but all monarchs, and want a parliamentary government.

The Revolutionaries encourage riots, destroy supply lines, sabotage anything Maithan, and promote Pemembran pride. The Black King currently resides in the Borrelian Palace with a small military force, hoping to destroy the Revolutionaries, whom he considers a nuisance.

Former Bevenkras

Bevenkras was incredibly disorganized during their one-year war against the Black King, thanks to the arguments of Queen Lodel and King Consort Jut that split the country. After Bevenkras’ surrender, most of the country was relieved to fall under a single, organized leader. The Black King has treated Bevenkras fairly in the last four years, although the underground black market that once flourished has suffered greatly under his rule.

The former Bevenkrish people view Croon with jealousy, wishing for the agricultural wealth of their southern neighbor. Bevenkrish people respect the Federation of Farnsi, and have historically done a reasonable amount of trade with Darid.


Croon and its queen, Amone Feras, are understandably concerned about Maithas. Croon believes that the Black King will eventually attempt to collect the last Themblise country still not under his rule. Maithas is unpopular with most of Croon, who largely fears the Black King.

Queen Amone sees the Black King as a threat, and is quietly preparing for the war she sees as inevitable. Amone hopes that if the Black King should fall, she can take over Maithas and have Croon rule all of Themble. However, she rightfully fears the Black King’s long string of military successes, particularly the reputation of the Maithan General Warlic. If Amone has her way, the Black King would fall not through war, but through…unexpected circumstances. She may or may not be quietly funding the growth of the Revolutionaries that plague former Pemembras.

Croon regularly trades with Farsni for lumber and has long history of trading with Darid.


Although initially wary of the Black King and his war mongering, a strong peace treaty and a wealth of business opportunities has made Darid a trade ally of Maithas. Darid and Croon have a longstanding alliance that spans decades. If war between Maithas and Croon were to begin, the region would struggle to choose between money and loyalty.

Darid and Farsni are on neutral terms, often trading for lumber and ore.


The Federation of Farsni has never particularly feared the Black King. Maithas has a strong lumber trade, and since that is Farsni’s main export, the city states do not believe that the Black King would choose to wage war against Farsni over the agricultural haven, Croon, or the region of Darid. Farsni has a small but strong ore trade with Maithas, especially iron, and a dedicated lumber trade with Croon and Darid.