Themble is home to a multitude of different species of creatures. This page focuses on the civilized population of Themble, and mundane animals and flora can be found in Themblise Flora and Fauna. The Bestiary is home to a list of many of the creatures found all over Elturas.

Percentages of the Population

The entire Themblise civilized population is around 4 million. About 35% of the population are carnivores, 40% herbivores, 18% omnivores, and 2% other (insectivores, piscivores, etc.).

A Pie Graph of the Populations of Themble

Specie Populations

The populations of individual species vary. To increase their chances of courting, many rural individuals will temporarily visit the nearest city, especially during the summer. This often creates Courting Corners, where single creatures will meet up to find someone of the same specie.

Themble is home to many different impure creatures, and almost any mundane bird or mammal that is mundane in Themble can also be civilized. Themble is also home to Lambrose dragons, Orin dragons, cupidines, several species of theriomorphics, griffins, and the occasional unicorn. Immigrants from other provinces may be species not normally found in Themble.

Magical Population

Magically, roughly 30% or more of the Themblise population has no magic (these individuals are called null). 60% of the population has one magical ability. A little more than 9% of the population has two magical abilities. Less than 1% of the entire population (less than 40,000 individuals) have three or more magical abilities.

Populations of the Monarchies

Croon had the largest population of the four monarchies until the Black King combined Maithas, Bevenkras, and Pemembras. Historically, it was Maithas with the smallest population (and weakest economy). Now, in terms of population, Croon and the new, larger Maithas are about the same.

No monarchy uses a census at this time, so no exact numbers are known.