Themblise technology is based on 16th century European technology with a focus on what was known and available on the Mediterranean coast. Here are a list of some of machines and inventions that are used in Themble in 774. Inventions used in warfare can be found here.

Machines for Constructing

  • Cranes and Lifting Towers – Along with dragon strength and wingpower, construction in Themble is literally reaching new heights.
  • Blast Furnace – and other metallurgy technology, which has been built and sent north to the Black King’s mysterious project.
  • Dry and Floating Docks – For ship building, which is popular since Themble borders two seas.
  • Cranks and Connecting Rods – Used for grindstones, ringing bells, bringing up buckets in wells, and cranking back crossbows.


  • Sewage System – Because some of the citizens of Themble have rather large poops.
  • Aquaducts – Used to transport water to fields.
  • Shadoof – A weighted well pole that draws water by using a counterweight.
  • Waterwheel – For irrigation and powering cranks.
  • Sakia – A water lifting machine that uses power from a horse, cow, or similar creature.
  • Windmill – For taking advantages of those winds that blow over the plains.

Other Inventions

  • Printing press – Invented in 749, the printing press is rapidly growing the number of books available for purchase.
  • Mariner’s Astrolabe – Used for navigating the Cenen and Lel Seas.
  • Kilns – Themblise use several types of kilns depending on what type of pottery they are making.
  • Clocks – Large clocks are used in city and town squares, and ring at the hour and half hours.