Elturas has 363 days in a single year. There is a leap year every three years to keep the calendar consistent with the seasons. On the Themblise calendar, this extra day is added to the end of the last month, Caeroon, although it is not technically recognized as being a part of any month. This leap day is called Hurdle’s Day! The leap year occurs every year that is divisible by 3. For instance, 774 and 777 are leap years, but not 775 and 776. 

Before the creation of the Feylands, there were multiple different calendars that were adopted, which then fell out of use as territories and miniature kingdoms rose and fell. Eleven years after the Feylands came into existence, a consistent calendar began to become prevalent in Themble. This would eventually become the modern Themblise calendar. The years are written only as their numbers, with no acronyms attached to the end. Sometimes, for clarification, one will say “year” beforehand, but that is it. Time before the Feylands is so rarely referenced due to the obscurity of those times that when someone does bring it up, they just say, “So-and-so many years before the Feylands.” Due to the amount of lost history and information, many of the dates from before the Feylands are generally estimates, if not completely and utterly incorrect or fictitious. 


Themble has twelve months that follow a solar calendar. The months follow a pattern of 30 days for three months, and then a month of 31 days, before returning to 30 days again. The months begin during winter. They are:

  • Onser (30 days)
  • Borlen (30 days)
  • Leemair (30 days)
  • Aspairoon (31 days)
  • Peaser (30 days)
  • Stralen (30 days)
  • Raspair (30 days)
  • Balmoon (31 days)
  • Alser(30 days)
  • Corlen (30 days)
  • Scamair (30 days)
  • Caeroon (31 days)

Days of the Week

Themble has seven days in a week. There is no designated or religious rest day. Creatures take their one day of rest a week on whatever day suits their employment. This means that larger, more commercialized stores are open seven days a week. In most towns and cities, the market is held twice a week, typically once in the morning to early afternoon and late afternoon to early evening. Some towns and cities will even have a year-around market, but this is not the norm.

The days of the week are:

  • Bassen
  • Tiesen
  • Roesen
  • Oresen
  • Parsen
  • Baisen
  • Garsen

Finding Your Themblise Birthday Month:

January 1st – January 30th ~ Onser

January 31st – March 1st ~ Borlen

March 2nd – March 31st ~ Leemair

April 1st – May 1st ~ Aspairoon

May 2nd – May 31st ~  Peaser 

June 1st – June 30th ~ Stralen

July 1st – July 30th ~ Raspair 

July 31st – August 30th ~ Balmoon

August 31st – September 29th ~ Alser

September 30th – October 29th ~ Corlen

October 30th – November 28th ~ Scamair

November 29th ~ December 29th ~ Caeroon 

February 29th, December 30th/31st~ Congratulations, you don’t technically fall on the Themblise calendar, due to it having 363 days! Therefore, if you were born on one of these dates, I suggest you celebrate your Themblise birthday on the leap day that appears at the end of Caeroon! This special day is called Hurdle’s Day