There are many ways to travel in Themble! Whether it be on land or by sea, eventually, you’ll get where you need to go.

By Land

This is one of the most common, but not fastest ways of traveling. By foot or by wagon, the cobblestone paved streets of the city turn into leveled dirt roads that crisscross across the countryside.

Wagons can easily be hired and are typically pulled by civilized equines or cows. Hitching a ride might cost you some lores, or it might be for a favor or a trade. Large creatures have a more difficult time traveling by wagon, but can hire an especially large wagon meant for carrying the equivalent of a single horse. This rules out both Lambrose and Orin dragons from traveling by wagon.

Small wagons pulled by pigs, goats, and even sheep can be hired to carry smaller creatures, like cats and dogs.

If you are wealthy, you may own a mundane animal. Mundane horses, donkeys, mules, and cows can carry humans, but smaller creatures, like rats and mice, prefer a well-trained mundane dog as their steed.

Of course, traveling by foot or by wagon will max you out at about 3-5mph.

By Sea

Traveling by sea is the fastest way to travel unless you are a fast flying creature, like a dragon. A Themblise ship can carry thousands of pounds of products, as well as heavy passengers like horses and cows. Depending on the style of ship is how fast you arrive at your destination. Multi-mast caravel ships with lateen sails are popular for transport and fishing, traveling at 8 knots per hour (about 9 mph). Little sloops dart across the seas at 11 knots (or nearly 13 mph).

Almost all boats in Themble are used for transport (of goods and creatures) or for fishing. However, Croon sports a massive navy, the largest in Themble.

By Air

Travel by air is rare unless you are goods! Products from all over are flown daily, from messages on bird to large packages on Orin and Lambrose dragons. Orin dragons are great for fast delivery to areas nearby, since they can fly at 44 knots per hour (a little more than 50mph) for a short stint of time. Lambrose dragons, however, are the best for package deliveries, since they can carry much more weight than an Orin. Their long, steady flights mean that they rarely have to stop for rest, but Lambrose dragons fly around 35-40 knots per hour (30-40 mph).

It is considered rude to ride a civilized creature, as it is seen as equally them to a mundane creature. However, the wealthy can sometimes find Lambrose dragons who are willing to carry a specialized sled, although this requires rest. It is the fastest way to travel in Themble.