Species: Unicorn

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure

Provinces: Themble, Darid, Farsni, the southern Feylands, and other provinces with warm climates. 

Rarity: Rare outside of the Feylands

Average Height: 15 hands high (60 inches at the shoulder)

Average Weight: 1,200 lbs

Diet: Herbivore

Description: Unicorns have a small, dished or straight head with a broad forehead. Unicorns have large, expressive eyes. Their ears are small, round, and wide set.  Their necks are slightly arched and well defined. Unicorns are fairly compact and have a short back. Their movement is graceful, expressive, and animated. The single horn is straight with curving ridges. Overall, unicorns are elegant, well-built, and sturdy.

Notably, unicorns have more tailbones than the average equine, and their tailbones tend to be about eight to twelve inches longer (depending on the size of the unicorn) than a normal horse. Their mane and tail are thick, and can be straight or wavy.

All equines have frogs, which are a part of their hooves. A frog is triangular in shape, and acts as a shock absorber and circulates blood. A unicorn has a longer frog than most equines, giving its hoofprints a cloven hoof appearance when looked at backwards. Unicorns have solid hooves. 

A sketch of a unicorn showing off his long tail bones and long frogs.

Sexual Dimorphism: Stallions can grow a beard on their chin and jawline, and have more of a crest on their neck than mares.

Colors and Markings: Unicorns can come in any color that a horse can, from grey to black to roan to chestnut to champagne. If they have markings, including spots (such as blanket or tobiano spots), tend to be minimal. Unlike horses, unicorns can be albino. Their eyes may be brown, a dark gold, green, blue, or purple, unless they are albino. Their horns tend to be a shade darker than their coat color, and can have stripes if the unicorn is spotted.

Common Magical Abilities: Unicorns are naturally strongly magical. The vast majority of unicorns are immune to lethal amounts poisons, toxins, and venoms, although they are easily burned by iron and silver. Almost all unicorns have bioimmunity. Not only can they ingest poison, toxin, and venom, but they can also remove these substances from liquids, as well as heal others to a degree who have ingested poisons, toxins, and venom. They are often telekinetic, and may have other varying powers. Unicorns from the Feylands are often much more powerful magically than those from the rest of Elturas, due to the fact they have access to more magic. 

Physical Abilities: They have seven more tailbones than the average horse, which gives them a longer tail that can swish at bugs. Their horn can be used for attack or for self defense, but if the horn is broken, it does not kill them or prevent them from using magic. Unicorns are fast and agile, and have good eyesight, hearing, and smell, although these are nothing exceptional.

Reproduction: One foal born live with a gestation period of 50 weeks. Twins are incredibly rare and can pose a health risk to the mother.

Characters: The Black King