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What is the Name of the King?

When will Name of the King be published?

Would I enjoy Name if the King?

What inspired the World of Elturas?

How do I pronounce ____________?

What do you use for your art?

Is your art cannon?

What are you using for your writing?

Do you take commissions/requests?

What is Name of the King?

Name of the King is the first book of an outlined quartet, which follows the life of the chef Ireen and those around her as she struggles to find her place in a rapidly evolving world.

However, the World of Elturas isn’t limited to the region of Themble, nor the present timeline. I am hoping to one day write more books that explore this world.

When will Name of the King be published?

Sometime in the future, although I am not sure when. The publishing industry is a fickle beastie. I am currently querying Name of the King to agents.

Would I enjoy Name of the King?

I would certainly hope so! Name of the King‘s intended audience (besides myself) are playful adults who are looking for a serious story in a more lighthearted world. Name of the King is a political intrigue filled with talking mythological creatures that walk down the street just like you and I. If you love diving into a world sculpted with care, and struggling side-by-side relatable characters through adventures that make your blood boil and your heart sing, then Name of the King may be for you.

What inspired Name of the King?

The real question is: what didn’t? Inspiration, for me, is everywhere. I can find it in the most mundane things. However, books, both fiction and non-fiction, are my main references. I own several hundred books, and a good number of them are various encyclopedias on a rainbow of topics, from world fashion to numismatics to sailing. Pinterest has proven to be an invaluable aid as well as an addiction.

However, the main driving factor behind Name of the King and the World of Elturas was my frustration with so much of the available fantasy. If dragons and other mythical creatures are intelligent like humans, where are their civilizations? Where is their culture? Why are they constantly trapped into being glorified animal sidekicks or mysterious prophets hidden in mist? What if C.S. Lewis’s talking animals had continued to evolve into a more modern society?

How do I pronounce ___________?

I made a Pronunciation Guide, which I hope you find it helpful! It includes the major and minor geography, as well as major and minor characters and the much of Bestiary

What do you use for your art?

My earlier digital art was drawn with my 2011 Wacom Bamboo tablet and Adobe Elements (later Photoshop CC). In early 2018, I upgraded to a Wacom Intuos Pro and use this and Adobe Photoshop CC to complete my current artwork. Most of my sketches are done with trusty Dixon Ticonderoga pencils on whatever paper I can reach, which is usually printer paper or in an inexpensive sketchbook. Occasionally I dabble in watercolors. 

You can see the step-by-step process for my digital art here..

Is your art canon?

Yes and no. My art is my own interpretations of the World of Elturas. A reader might find themselves picturing something slightly differently – and that’s okay! That’s part of the beauty of literature and art.

What are you using for writing?

I originally began outlining and writing Name of the King on Google Docs. However, the first book quickly became too long for Google Docs to handle easily, and it was beginning to become a mess to navigate. In August 2019, I switched over to the writing and editing software Scrivener. Had I know that Scrivener existed earlier, I would have started all of my outlining and writing on that miraculous program.

Do you do commissions/requests?

No. I am a perfectionist, and I find that doing other people’s characters and ideas stress me out, and I do not enjoy it. Thanks for wondering!

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