Without the inventiveness of the civilized creatures, Fey would probably remain sleeping under bushes and in stolen birds’ nests. Many Fey still prefer these. However, Fey are thieves, and have copied and stolen the architectural designs of many different cultures. Depending on which civilizations a Fey has interacted with, the style of the building they construct may vary. Fey typically don’t have a very good concept of solid or proper building materials, so it is not uncommon to see a Fey attempting (and failing) to make a cathedral out of sticks. Quarrying and transporting stone is a concept that only Greater Fey typically have the resources and hired or slave labor to complete.

Design and Construction

Fey don’t often have a great understanding of the finer points of civilized society, or simply don’t care. Therefore, architectural designs typically reserved for temples or churches, or for shops, may happily be used to create a home. Beauty comes before practicality almost every single time for Fey, which means they may be contented with a leaking roof if that roof is very pretty.

Before the Feylands, the Fey were relatively bound by whatever architecture surrounded them. However, the Feylands forced species of Fey that had never met before to interact. This caused the slow sharing of stolen ideas. Fey therefore began creating architecture that was an obvious mesh of several different societies. Creating architecture from a purely aesthetic point-of-view has caused many constructional failures, since Fey don’t often consider the need of a foundation, supports, or how the building will interact with the environment.

Due to their sometimes limited resources, especially since the Feylands, Fey often will incorporate nature into their architecture monstrosities. Through sheer luck, sometimes this actually helps the building remain stable. Mostly, though, trees are planted on the roof or bones placed into the walls simply because a Fey thought it would be pretty. More than one Fey has build their house on the edge of an unstable cliff or river prone to flooding, and died from the resulting natural disaster.

Magic and Fey Architecture

Fey are excellent with magic, and often use charms to enhance their architecture. They may use charms to strength materials, prevent them from decay, or to ward off intruders. They use these charms with great success, typically. These charms often hold up a building that would otherwise collapse.


Depending on the specie and personality, Fey may choose to live as a hermit, or build their home within a town. Greater Fey may build themselves entire palaces, within towns or in the middle of nowhere. Cities do not exist within Fey societies, since fights break out too often with a large population with disastrous results. However, before the Feylands, many Fey did live within civilized towns and cities successfully.