Fey are the greatest plagiarists. Incapable of having the creativity to create their own works of art, Fey copy and mesh together different works of art they have seen. This doesn’t apply only to visual arts, but stories, poetry, and performing arts as well. However, Fey are not like children smashing together works of art all hodgepodge. Works of art created by Fey are stunningly beautiful. They have an excellent eye on how to take different art styles and carefully blend together and enhance them. Their poetry may involve stealing different lines from various poems and poets, but they have a way of stitching them together to create poetry that almost sings. Fey will add art to almost anything they interact with, from their fashion to their architecture to their weapons. Because of their love of beauty, Fey have high regard for art, and even higher respect and admiration of successful civilized artists of any type. 

Before the Feylands, the Fey didn’t often interact with creatures outside of their territory, and therefore were limited on the number of different cultures they took “inspiration” from. Once they were imprisoned within the Feylands, however, Fey slowly began swapping and sharing stolen ideas. This led to the creation of works of art, architecture, and more that were blends of many, often vastly different, cultures. This has led to intense blends of different artistic styles.

Fey will often blend in charms to make visual art more vibrant, last longer, or even appear to move. 

It should be noted that almost all Fey are illiterate, outside of a few Greater Fey. Due to this, all of their stories and poetry are told in a purely oral manner.